Mydia100 Communications Pvt. Ltd. is a new age media solutions company. Our USP is developing Audio Visual Content exclusively for mobile phones which will be disseminated through Mobile Apps. The content which will be available in Hindi and several regional languages will cover popular topics as well as material which would be considered “Need to watch” to fuel growth and prosperity. Mydia100 also develops similar mobile video based Apps and related content for clients' customised requirements.

Sahaj e-Village Limited, an initiative of SREI Infrastructure Finance, has recently acquired a 49% stake in Mydia100


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Mydia100 is doing pioneering work in production and creation of exclusive Apps which feature mobile-only videos in 2 buckets: “Nice to watch” and “Need to watch”, which will cover different genres and verticals and be available in Hindi and the 6 predominant Indian Regional languages, reaching nearly 90% of the population. The USP is that even videos in the “Need to watch” bucket will be entertaining and compelling instead of trying to lecture and sounding preachy.


Mydia100 is also doing extensive work in developing mobile video based Apps for individual clients, customised to their particular requirements. These short, engaging videos are the perfect way to cut through today's communication clutter and impart the desired message in an entertaining manner using the audiovisual medium.


HaHaHa App

Indian Comedy Video App


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Khushhali App

Making Rural Life Better


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Saheli App

An App for Pregnancy care


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Sahaj Mitr App

A panacea for communication challanges of Sahaj


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Mydia100 offers an array of other services in the media domain.These range from Strategic Consulting/Operational outsourcing for non-core new investors in Media, to protect their investments and ensure they yield dividends. Our strengths extend from content creation and event ideation/production to creating contextual media solutions across media, tailor-made to the client's needs.



Mydia100 has done extremely diverse work in creating exceptional concepts for events and programming.

We have conceptualised a unique way to commemorate 100 years of Bengali Cinema. A calendar of annual events,offering an operatic experience, the first of its kind in India, has been created to countdown to the main event in 2019.


100 years of Bengali Cinema

Mydia100’s research on the subject showed that while the cinema of Bengal has made a glorious contribution to World Cinema, little is being done to preserve it for film audiences. Hence, Mydia100 has focused on using the medium of Bengali Cinema to take Bengali heritage and culture to the world.

Udyami Awards

MSMEs’ contribute a sizable 45% to India’s industrial output and 40% to exports, creating over a million jobs each year while driving innovation and competitivenss.

Annapoorna Conclave and Honours

Despite the substantial strides taken by the Service and Manufacturing sectors in the last four decades, India is still heavily dependent on agriculture, especially for employment. India’s farm output is the second highest in the world and agriculture plays a significant role in the socio-economic fabric of the country.


Led by Barun Das, we are a seasoned team of professionals with years of invaluable experience in some of the best media brands and titles in India and abroad, ranging from entertainment and infotainment to news and current affairs.


Barun Das

Barun Das, an IIT Madras, IIM Calcutta and LSE alumnus, is among the new breed of dynamic leaders in the media industry in India who combine a deep insight in the local markets with an emphasis on operational and technical efficiency.

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Arpita Chatterjee

Arpita is a rare multi-dimensional talent. On one hand, she is an accomplished actor, a classical singer, a trained dancer, and on the other, a passionate entrepreneur with a sharp and creative mind.

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Vinayak Joshi

Vinayak turned entrepreneur in 2001, six years after passing out from IIM Bangalore with a major in finance.

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Besides these top professionals, Mydia100 has put together a young team in every vertical of content creation which includes a creative consultant, head of content, head of projects, executive and creative producers, animators and graphics specialists. It also has a young team of techies as well as a lean team for revenue generation.




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